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May 19, 2019


       Rev. Loren Kotman…Minister     

Preparation for Worship: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” Deut. 6:4-5



*Responsive Call to Worship: (WSB 1.2.33)

                    Pastor:               Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

                    People:              What did God do to help us?

                    Pastor:               God chose the people of Israel to make a new beginning.

                    People:              They received God’s covenant and prepared the way for Jesus to come as our Savior.

                    Pastor:               Let us worship the God of the covenant, the God of heaven and earth.

*Opening Prayer

*Opening Hymn: SW#22:1,2 “Great Is the Lord”

*God’s Greeting and Mutual Greeting


God’s Will for Our Lives

Call to Confession

Prayer of Confession

Hymn of Assurance: #500:1,2,5 “How Firm a Foundation”

Serve Project Report (Mackelle Grevengoed & Haley Driesen)

Congregational Prayer

Offering: Hope Haven



*Hymn of Preparation: SW#44:1,2 “Let It Be Said of Us”

Prayer of Illumination

God’s Word Read: Rev. 21:1-8, 22:1-6, 12-21 & Lord’s Day 22 Q&A 58

God’s Word Proclaimed: “The Joys of Heaven”

Prayer of Application

*Hymn of Response: #762:1,2 “What a Day That Will Be” (Celebration Hymnal)


*Parting Blessing

*Parting Song: #482:1-3 “Soon and Very Soon” (LUYH)

 (Please be seated for voting of Elders and Deacons)


* indicates congregation stand

organist…Lavonne Kats


GREETERS TODAY:  Cliff & Marlys Koele, Deacon Ryan Fedders

GREETERS NEXT SUNDAY: AM Jim & Vell Keizer, Elder Ed & Noella Haveman

NURSERY TODAY: AM Lisa Kats, Cindy Te Slaa, Kyrin De Groot, Bryson Sandbulte, Emma Westphal; PM Brody Pollema Family

NURSERY NEXT SUNDAY:  AM Nicole Van Berkum, Tami Westphal, Makenna Fedders, Riley Grevengoed, Cory Ney; PM Community Memorial Service

USHERS FOR MAY: Rick De Groot, Chris Hulstein, Bryce Veldman, Mike Grevengoed

VALET PARKING FOR MAY: May 19: Kyle Pollema & Alex Westra; May 26 AM Only: Justin Pollema & Andrew Hulstein

OFFERINGS: Today – Envelope receipts are for the church budget or for the cause(s) designated

on your envelope. The loose offering is for Hope Haven

NEXT SUNDAY: 1. Christian Ed Fund; 2. CAASA

COFFEE SERVERS TODAY: Eric & Alysia H.                     



POWER POINT NEXT SUNDAY: Shirley                               

SOUND SYSTEM TODAY: Cody                                             NEXT SUNDAY: Joel

CORRESPONDENCE: Dan Fedders to Justin Van Zee; Mark Fedders to Steve & Tara Dekkers; Rob Fedders to Michael Ribbons; LeRoy Feenstra to Kevin Schutte; Randy Feenstra to Lauren Runia; Cliff Gort to Sos & Kara Maletoungou (For those wishing to send an email, addresses are in the church directory, first page, under “Missionaries Supported”.)



   9:30 AM       Worship Service

 10:45 AM       Coffee fellowship in the basement

 10:45 AM       Choir will meet for a short rehearsal

   6:00 PM       Evening Worship Service


May 19, 2019

WELCOME TO FIRST HULL In the psalmist’s words “Young men and women alike, old and young together!” Let us praise the name of the LORD, for his name alone is exalted” (P4s. 148:12-13, NRSV). A nursery and quiet room are available in the basement. TV’s are available so that the service can be viewed. We invite everyone to join us for fellowship & coffee after the morning service in the church basement. 

GREETERS: When you are scheduled to greet and if that Sunday does not work for you, please find a replacement. If you are unable to find one, please call a member of the Evangelism committee and they will help you out.

IN OUR MORNING SERVICE, Mackelle Grevengoed and Haley Driesen will give a brief report on the youth group’s Texas serve project.

THIS MORNING we welcome Julia Jares, fiancée of Grant Vanden Bosch, to the family of God at First CRC. Julia comes to us from Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church in Pierre, South Dakota.

THIS EVENING we welcome Barry Miedema as he leads our worship service.

PROFESSION OF FAITH: Jaiden Bonestroo, Dawson Feenstra, Mackelle Grevengoed, Marcus Te Krony, Colin Westra, and Mitch Winterfeld met with the elders on Monday evening to profess their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Public profession of faith is scheduled for Sunday morning, June 16.

AFTER THE MORNING SERVICE we will be voting for Elders and Deacons. Drawing of lots will take place at the evening service. The following have been nominated for Elders (vote for 6 and 3 will be elected): Jim Keizer, Galen Kroese, Merlyn Kroese, Glen Scholten, Rod Te Krony, Dave Te Slaa, Lee Van Grouw, Dave Vande Griend, Randy Westra. The following are nominated for Deacon (vote for 6 and 3 will be elected): Matt Bosma, Rick De Groot, Cory De Wit, Kevin Driesen, Jason Kats, Kyle Pollema, Kyle Te Slaa, Travis Veldman, Eric Zomermaand.  

MEMORIAL DAY is coming! Let’s remember our Veterans by wearing a poppy. They are available at local businesses or from LuAnn De Wild (541-7254) or Melissa Pollema (439-1678).

A COMMUNITY MEMORIAL SERVICE will be held next Sunday evening, May 26, at 6:00p at the Community Building. Pastors from our community will be leading the service. Join us as we give thanks to God for our nation as well as to those who gave their lives in the service of our country.

THE BANQUET: Our church is scheduled to serve the evening meal at the Banquet in Sioux Falls on Tuesday, May 28. We need 6-8 volunteers to help prepare the meal at the facility at 2:00p and as of now we only have 2 people signed up. We need 30-35 people to help serve the meal and we only have 5 people signed up! Please sign up today on the sheet on the table in the narthex if you can help out with this project. If you haven’t already done so, you may still donate $10 toward the cost of the meal. Checks should be made out to the church and placed in Karen Bruxvoort’s mailbox.

LOVE INC is again doing the “Clothe-A-Child” project. Each child receives 1 shirt, 1 pair of jeans/leggings/athletic pants, 1 pkg. of underwear, 1 pkg. of socks and 1 pair of tennis shoes. Each child has 5 tags and you are able to pick as many tags as you would like. Please call Karen (439-1626) or email her at if you are willing to help with this project and how many tags you would be willing  to take. Please call her by Wed., May 29, so she knows how much interest there is in this project. Thank you!

OFFERING: Next Sunday the second offering will be for CAASA (Centers Against Abuse & Sexual Assault). CAASA provides services to all sexual assault and sex trafficking survivors including children in 19 counties in Northwest Iowa. The services are free and confidential. One in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be affected by sexual abuse by their 18th birthday. CAASA works with survivors directly to help them by going to the hospital, reporting to law enforcement, supporting them through a criminal trial, getting them connected with a variety of resources including therapists, financial assistance, and housing assistance. Every child deserves the right to be safe and has the right to have a voice.


General Fund:    $20,420.00               Building Fund:   $ 2,434,00                Mission Fund:    $ 1,524.00

Benevolent:            2,550.00               VBS:                        947.00                Cornerstone:             612.86

World Renew:        2,402.00               De Wilds:              3,697.00                GEMS:                     775.00

Inspiration Hills:       521.75

THANK YOU: We would like to thank Care Group members #6&#7 for the great turn out at Pleasant Acres on Thursday, May 9. Thanks to Connie Grevengoed for playing for the singing, to Jessica Wielenga for providing special music with a flute solo and a special thank you to Roger De Kruyf for giving the message.

THANK YOU for your prayers and warm words of comfort and concern in the loss of our mother and grandmother. Thank you to Care Group #4 for the flowers and to Pastor Loren & Norma and Elders Larry Wielenga and Dave Rozeboom for their visits. It was all very much appreciated. -Randy, Mindy, Mitchell, Ashten & Keagan Winterfeld



We extend our Christian sympathy to Greg & Teresa Vanden Bosch and family in the passing of Teresa’s mother, Tony Vande Stroot who died on Friday night, March 10. May God comfort them in their sorrow.

Congratulations to Ben & Bailey (Van Den Berg) Vant Hul who were united in marriage on Saturday, May 18. May God bless them with many happy healthy years together.

Jarvis De Wild was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He continues with tests and will meet with an oncologist on Tuesday.

Gerald Kroese was released from the Sioux Center Hospital on Friday and is back at Pleasant Acres. Continue to remember him in your prayers.

Pete Pollema is scheduled for gallbladder surgery Monday. Pray that the surgery would go well and for a speedy recovery.

Give thanks that recent tests for Wilmar Pollema yielded results that can be treated with medication. Continue to remember Wilmar in your prayers.

Continue to pray that Russ Vander Schaaf will get stronger as he anticipates surgery on June 13. At this point doctors are planning a less complicated surgery.

Gary Roetman’s appointments with all four doctors last week resulted in great reports all around! Two of the doctors don’t need to see him anymore! God’s healing hand has been resting on Gary for so many years! The prayers of our church family and community have been answered in such an amazing way! All praise and glory to our Lord and Savior.

Duane Vande Griend was admitted to Mercy Hospital in Sioux City last Sunday. He was hopeful of being able to return home on Friday. He will return home with home health care and hospice. Continue to lift up Duane and Aletha in your prayers.

Pray for our shut ins: PA: Chuck & Darlene Kroese, Sally De Groot; Aspen Heights: Joyce De Vries, Julianne Kats, Harry Klay, Goldie Veldman; Fieldcrest in Sheldon: Verne Huisman, Rick Rozeboom’s home: Esther Rozeboom; Good Samaritan Society in George: Wilma Altena; Sioux City: Ardelle Westra.


We extend our sympathy to Sou and Mindy Baccam and family in the passing of Mindy’s grandmother, Esther Cleveringa, 89, of Rock Valley. The funeral was held this past Saturday. We pray for the Lord’s comfort and encouragement as they mourn and join them in joy as we remember the promises we have in Jesus Christ.

Earlier this week Julie Horstman suffered a broken left leg in an accident that occurred while she was out on a walk. Earlier this year, Julie had broken her right ankle which has since healed well. Please remember and pray for Julie’s healing and encouragement during this disappointing setback.

We continue to be in prayer for Gerrit Van Der Zwaag, father of Cal Van Der Zwaag, as he continues to recover from his accident. We pray for daily progress and healing. We pray for Gerrit’s family as they support him as well.

We continue to pray for Lyla Boer as she continues to build up her strength. She remains hospitalized in Sioux Center.

We pray for those dealing with illness or continuing their recovery from surgery. We also pray for those who may be struggling emotionally. May God provide healing and wholeness.

We remember Marv Boon at the Prairie Ridge Care Center in Orange City. We also remember those who reside at home but aren’t able to join us from week to week. We also pray for their families as they support them.


      Western Christian High School will hold its 97th Commencement on Tuesday, May 21, at 7:00p in the gymnasium.  Everyone is cordially invited to attend.

      HCS: The 8th grade class of 2019 will be graduating on Wed., May 22, at the First CRC in Hull at 7:00p. We cordially invite any who would like to attend. Graduation will also be aired on Television Channel 77 that evening.


DORDT ALUMNI/STUDENT CHOIR: 43 alumni and current students from Dordt will be performing a pre-tour concert on Thurs., May 23, at 4:00p in the Auditorium. The program will focus on themes of God’s love and grace.

HOPE HAVEN will be holding its Annual Fishing Benefit at Lake Francis Case, Ft. Randall Dam on Fri., June 7, rain or shine. Registration is $60 which includes evening meal, entry gift & eligibility for weigh-in prize categories. All proceeds will benefit Hope Haven. Registration is due by June 6. For more information and to register, visit or call Brenda at 476-3116. Come enjoy a day of food, friends, fellowship and fishing!

BARNABAS FOUNDATION: Attention Parents! Do you have a will? Have you provided for your children should something happen to both of you? Through our partnership with Barnabas, we are offering you an excellent opportunity to address this very important and loving act of parental responsibility. James Prichard, a Christian Attorney from Barnabas, will be available May 28&29 to help you through the process of deciding what provisions you want in your will. Call toll-free at 888-448-3040 to schedule your complimentary conversation with Jim.