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Covenant Christian Education Ministry

  1. The purpose of Covenant Christian Education Ministry of Hull 1St CRC is to educate our Children in Christian day schools and to promote Christian Education that agrees with the biblical world view of Hull 1st CRC.
  2. The Covenant Christian Education Ministry of Hull 1st CRC believes:
  1. that is the corporate responsibility of all members to help provide for the Christian education of the children of all its members;
  2. that Hull 1st CRC confess this task in the sacrament of baptism when all members "promise to help instruct the baptized children in the faith and encourage them in the fellowship;"
  3. that Hull 1st CRC provides funds for the education of the church?s children and young people in the church activities and in Christian day school education;
  4. that Hull 1st CRC has established within the general fund obligation, a Christian Education fund, to provide the money necessary to pay for Christian Education;
  5. that Hull 1st CRC raises money for all of its general fund obligation, including Christian Education fund, from all its members;
  6. that most contributors to the church for its general fund obligations, including Christian Education, are not parents of children who receive Christian Education benefits;
  7. that there are parents of children who are receiving Christian Education for their children through church funds who contribute much, some, or little to the general fund, including Christian Education Ministry;
  8. that there has never been a cross link or a requirement, expressed or implied, for contributions by parents in order for them to receive Christian Education benefits for their children;
  9. that local Christian day schools are completely separate, non-profit educational entities;
  10. that the local Christian Schools governing boards and the societies, which own the schools, are made up of people from different churches;
  11. that the same method of soliciting funds from members with children receiving Christian Education benefits are used with members who do not have children receiving Christian Education benefits.
  1. The structure of the Covenant Christian Education Ministry of Hull 1st CRC.
  1. All professing members of Hull 1st CRC are members.
  2. The governing committee will consist of four CORE persons
    1. who will be fully committed to the purpose of Covenant Christian Education Ministry
    2. who will be approved by the church council that evaluates the Ministry?s performance each year,
    3. who will represent a cross section of members of the congregation,
    4. and, whose membership will be rotated at the direction of the church council.
  1. There will be an additional 6-member TERM Committee:
    1. These members will be fully committed to the purpose of Covenant Christian Education Ministry and will serve 3-year terms.
  1. A liaison member will come from the church council who will be the communication link to the church council. This person will be a non-voting member of the TERM Committee.
  1. The function of the Covenant Christian Education Ministry is:
  1. to communicate to the church the purpose and need for commitment to Christian Education;
  2. to set up sub-committees for activities such as the educational sale, the soup supper, etc.
  3. to create the urgency for members to stay committed to their faith promises, visiting members that are not fulfilling their commitment;
  4. and, to monitor funds coming in, sending out monthly statements, and counting the money on a regular basis.