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Evangelism and Missions

In this section, you will find descriptions of opportunities to serve, both here in our Church and community, and abroad. This might include local agencies, as well as a program like going to the Banquet in Sioux Falls or one of our local missions or traveling overseas or in the states for mission and evangelistic work.

The Church exists for outreach. It is a natural extension of our joy in Christ and reflects what we have been given in Christ. The opportunities listed below reflect that joy and inheritance.

The Banquet -This opportunity comes only once a year, in Sioux Falls, but allows us the privilege of not only helping provide the “banquet”, the food, but to serve the banquet. All ages are invited and can participate. Look for bulletin announcements.

Sioux Falls/Sioux City Gospel Missions- These events occur more frequently than the banquet. During this opportunity for outreach, people have a chance to sing, pray, present the gospel, but most especially live the gospel for people who have so much less than we do. All ages are invited to attend and make use of this opportunity.

Prison Christmas Cards- Obviously takes place only at the holiday season and enables our congregation to share through a holiday greeting the good news of God’s work in our lives through Christmas cards. Please watch the bulletin for this opportunity.

Samaritan’s Purse- This is a non-denominational organization that provides spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. “Operation Christmas Child” is a project that our church participates in every year. Shoe boxes are filled with items such as toys, pencils, pens, colors, toothpaste, t-shirts, etc. and then shipped to needy children all over the world. Please watch the bulletin for this opportunity.

Missionary Letters- Each week someone is reminded that they have the opportunity to write one of our missionaries and let them know we are thinking about them and supporting them. We trust you will take advantage of this unique ministry.

Love Inc.- This local agency provides a wide range of services and material to people who have needs. This could be anything from a used washer and dryer, to food, or fixing up their house. The deacons take care of this, but by asking which deacon is responsible you can help out!

Clothe-a-child- Before the school year starts, we participate with many other churches in providing clothing for kids so they can feel good about going to school. Watch for this announcement in the late summer.

Mission committee sponsored Mission trips- This year they are headed off to the Dominican Republic to work on a building a church. Last year they went to Honduras. This is for all ages of people and all skill levels. You will need to pay for your own way, but what a way to vacation: God’s work in different locations!

Mid-Sioux Food Pantry-( Also, Hull food pantry coming)- The largest amount of food we provide occurs at Thanksgiving, but this is an all year work that provides for people who have so much less than we do.

Spencer Fair Evangelism Booth- Sponsored by the Midwest Evangelism League, people engaged with this program have an opportunity during fair week to interact with a wide range of people and present the gospel.