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This section may have some duplication with the first section on educational opportunities because some groups also function as a fellowship group as well. But here you will find those places and groups that will be there for you and with you in the good and difficult times. Getting involved in one of these groups, you will find support and encouragement for your discipleship path.

These opportunities enable and enhance our ability as a congregation to get to know you better and to assist one another in being built up into a strong body of Christ.


This group is difficult to describe. It is a Bible study as well as fellowship group for people from the age of 18 (post-High School) to around 30. They meet for fellowship and fun as well as care and concern.

Kingdom Seekers-

Another group that began like Spark and has now progressed into the family period of life. This group, which also meets as a Bible study, cares for the concerns and needs of the age group that embraces young families. There are no age boundaries for this group.

Christian Fellowship-

Having also begun during the young family stage, this group now embraces those families that have seen their children leave the home recently or may still have one or two young people still living under their roof. They also tend to needs and concerns of this age group and nurture growth and encourage each other in fellowship.

The Care Groups-

Every member and all those who are affiliated with our congregation are placed in a care group. During emergencies like hospitalization or illness, these groups provide support and strengthening. They also plan pot-lucks for their group and provide nurture and help during school times.

Church Picnic-

Over the past few years this activity, sponsored in late summer by the young people, has provided a wonderful opportunity to play and fellowship as a whole church. Meeting in West Park, food, fun and fellowship is provided.

Baby and Wedding Showers- 

There are many of our young people who have either moved into our Church family and therefore away from theirs or have moved out of our Church family into a new community. This activity gives us an opportunity to help people feel welcome, that they belong in our community of believers here.

Craft night- 

This unique opportunity occurs at different times of the year enabling people with different interests and different giftedness levels to work together on projects of their own choosing. Watch the bulletin for these evenings of fellowship and fun!