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Leadership and Committees

Here you will find a list of all those committees or agencies of the Church where you can either fit in making decisions or leading the Church into new and uncharted territory.

The groups listed in this section function for the work on a weekly or monthly basis for the Church family. From announcements and bulletin to Worship and Music there is a place for everyone to exercise their gifts here.

Audio-Visual- This is a rather small group of dedicated and gifted people who run sound and video on Sundays during worship. They may also be called on to run sound and video for funerals, weddings and special services as well. This is a very valuable niche in our church and can always use new people.

Building and Grounds- As the name implies, this group is responsible for everything from lights to snow removal. They also are attentive to future needs of the congregation in terms of our physical plant.

Education Committee- As you have already read in pages before, this is an active group that provides for a wide range of ages in a wide variety of ways. Come dream and envision new discipleship opportunities with them, so they can lead us deeper into God’s word.

Christian Education Committee- This group meets to provide resources and fund-raising activities so we might provide the best possible Christian Education for our children and children’s children.

Lunch Committee/Funerals- This group of women works in different groups to provide and serve lunch for families that have been struck by grief. If you are able and available, they would be more than happy to place you in a group to work.

Missions and Evangelism- This group meets to brainstorm ideas and provide for them materially so we might advance the good news of Jesus both here and abroad. Many of these people also participate in these programs besides planning them.

Music and Worship- A group of varied ages that meets to discuss and plan all things involved with worship, from banners to music and worship services to special seasons. If you have a creative spirit, this group is just right for you!

Technology Committee- This group deals primarily with power point, but also is involved with the Church website. If you have computer skills or would like to use your creativity to design Sunday’s power point presentations --- this is your group.