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Worship and Music

This section is devoted to those groups in our Church that support the worship ministry. Whether instrumental or vocal, whether craft or planning, here you will find people and ministries that you can join to help lead God’s people in worship each week.

There is probably nothing more visible and public and more essential to who we are and what we do than worship. It is the first thing a visitor sees after their greeting. It is the last thing they will take with them of us into their week. You are encouraged to get involved in any one of these great programs or opportunities. 

Choir- This group, which meets seasonally on Sundays afternoons at 5:30, is for all people over the age of 16. They sing a wide variety of songs designed to promote worship and the joy of singing.

Men’s Chorus- A group just for men that also meets seasonally. They meet after Church in the balcony and sing a wide variety of styles of worship songs. This group is highly regarded.

Brass, woodwinds and strings- Various combinations of these instruments are put together as requested and to accompany songs and hymns as well as doing special music for worship. If you play any instrument, there is a place for you in one of these groups. All ages and abilities are encouraged.

Song leaders- During evening worship, we weekly have song leaders who are encouraged to pick 3 songs that are seasonal or thematic to enhance our worship experience as a congregation. Favorites in the season of the Church year are also encouraged. All ages are encouraged to do this activity.

Soloists and instrumentalists- For special music and for special occasions like children’s programs, we encourage all our people who attend to make use of their gifts. Call Shondra Wielenga if you would like to praise God with your musical ability.

Banners and other worship arts- If you would like to help select and perhaps make a banner or banners for the Church, this is the group for you. All ages and skill levels are encouraged to participate.

Prayer Volunteers- Occasionally during the service, we have had people pray for different aspects of life. If you would be willing to offer prayer during worship, please let us know. All ages may be a part of this.

Worship Planning- The music and worship committee meets once a month and less frequently during the summer to plan worship both AM and PM for our congregation. We try to balance the committee by age as well as male and female. If you would like to help plan worship services, give the office a call. All ages from 14-80+ are encouraged.

Organ and Piano Accompaniment- If you play a keyboard instrument and would like to be a part of either the service playing hymns and songs or are willing to play for special music, please let the office know. This talent has no age limit.

Children’s Message- This occasional activity takes place during worship for children ages 3-10. If you are willing to deliver a children’s message, and we would encourage that, please let the office know so we can put you on a schedule.

Power Point- This activity comes in two parts; set up and performance. You can do either or both. Used for all worship services, this activity allows for creativity and freedom within the bounds of what worship committee has planned. Younger people with computer skills are desired, but anyone who has interest is asked to check with Zach Mulder or Julie Leusink.

Audio-Visual- The Church is blessed to have a live TV ministry as well as having it available on DVD. This is augmented by an audio tape ministry as well. If you would like to run the video or audio-tape console during the worship service, please let us know. This is for all ages and either sex as well.

Children’s Church- For children ages 3-6 and offered during evening church. The people who lead this engage in creative worship and craft activities for children. All adults over the age of 18 are encouraged to join this activity that equips and enables children to worship.

Nursery- During both morning and evening Church, a number of people are needed for our growing population of babies and toddlers. If you would be willing to be placed on a list of those who care for these children during worship, we would love to know.

Ushering- We are looking for people who would use their gifts of hospitality, during either service, and for funerals as well. Ushers are the first face of First CRC after our greeters. If you’d like to meet people, old and new, and be helpful in getting them comfortable at First during worship, this is an activity for you. We’d like to put you on the list. All ages over 18 are encouraged.