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Youth Activites

In this section, you will find all the groups in our congregation that are devoted to nurturing our young people and equipping them for life in God’s creation. You can find a place for your child or young person as well as a place for leadership for you.

Last, but certainly not least of all the things we do here, is youth activities. There are a wide range of programs, as well as activities, for nearly all interests. If you have a young person as part of your family, you will want to note these ways of encouraging them in their Christian walk.

GEMS-This denominational organization includes girls from grades 4-8. It attempts to build up a young girl’s faith through various activities and programs. If you would either like to lead or get your young daughter involved, this group meets on the first and third Monday evenings through the regular church season.

Cadets-A denominational activity for our young men from grades 4-8. Like the Boy Scouts, but with a distinctively reformed spiritual emphasis. They meet twice a month on the first and third Wed. evening at 6:45 in the Cadet clubhouse. Directions can be provided. Leaders are needed for this age group as well.

VBS-This program, which runs for a week in early June, draws all the Churches of Hull together. It is for the community’s children from age 4 through grades 6. They meet in the evening so more adults as well as children can participate. If you would like to teach a class or craft, help, lead song, be involved with the kitchen, or any other activity, let the office know. Watch for announcements in the Church newsletter or bulletin in April and May.

Young Peoples –A large and very active group of young people gather on Wednesday night at 7:00 for Bible Study, fellowship and activities. This group also goes on a mission trip during the late spring or early summer each year. For freshmen through senior in High School this group is active and dynamic. Also if you are willing to lead, people are always needed.

SERVE-This is a denominational activity that enables young people to travel to many different areas of the country for a short term mission project that enhances local church ministries. Application needs to be made and it is hoped that people who engage on such trips would have a ministry focus as their goal in life. This group is for High School age young people.

Convention-The young people each year have an opportunity for a week to travel to great locations for YPS (Young peoples) convention. A week filled with entertainment, and inspiring seminars as well as the fellowship of other CRC young people from around the country, this activity enables networking as well as spiritual up-building.